Uwe-Bernd Rose

Pharmacist | Managing Director

Uwe-Bernd Rose (Königstein, Hochtaunus) is an expert on healthcare in the Rhine-Main region and far beyond. With his wealth of experience from over 35 years of applied pharmacy, he develops outstanding products from natural active ingredients that help, accompany and alleviate and thus enhance the life and health of many people.

  • Owner of the Burg-Apotheke in Königstein am Taunus with a state-of-the-art pharmacy clean room laboratory in accordance with industry standards.
  • Owner of Synverdis GmbH - a specialist producer of active ingredients and GMP laboratory focusing on the preparation of the photosensitizer Chlorin E6
  • Holder of multiple patents
  • Over 150 employees in his companies

Dr. Dirk Hüttenberger

Director of Research and Development | Physicist

Ursula Schick

Senior Management | Head of Quality Assurance | QP

Thomas Schwidefsky

Head of Research and Development

Dr. Gerald Werne

Head of Production

Sigurd Brendel

Head of Quality Control